Sistem Informasi Pengaduan Dan Edukasi Hukum Terkait Dengan Kekerasan Anak Dan Perempuan Berbasis Internet

  • Dahlia Kusuma Dewi Universitas Tjut Nyak Dhien
Keywords: Complaint Information, Complaint Information, Legal Education, Legal Education, Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence


In today's world, the internet greatly facilitates all data input work and makes it very easy, especially with this system which aims to provide an overview of the meaning of online data input, how to start inputting, online complaints, online education, and various kinds of online input that can be done, becomes easier to do. If usually inputting data is still done manually or inputting data offline, then with the internet everything can be done easily and there is no need to bother anymore to input data for victims of domestic violence that occurred. Only by installing application software, victims of domestic violence or the public, especially women, can complain about the cases of domestic violence they experience or women, especially housewives, can find out about the law, especially regarding domestic violence or commonly referred to as domestic violence. And from the user registration or called the user, it will be easy to obtain data on cases of victims of domestic violence. And for the security of files or data received from the user will be guaranteed.

 Keywords: Complaint Information, Legal Education, Domestic Violence