Publication Ethics

Editor's Duties and Responsibilities

Jurnal Persegi Bulat (jot) journal decides which articles should be published. Validation of each submitted manuscript is essential for follow-up. The editor is tasked with carrying out the process by applicable requirements so as not to commit defamation, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.


Editors have intellectual abilities and, in evaluating manuscripts, do not look at the race, gender, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, nationality, or political philosophy of the author.


Editors and staff may not disclose any information about manuscripts written by anyone other than related authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers.

Conflict of Interest

The editor may not use unpublished material disclosed in a submitted manuscript without the author's permission. Particular information or ideas the author owns must be kept confidential and not used for the editor's interests. If there is a post-publication debate, the editorial team must publish a correction and take several actions, such as retraction of the publication and a statement of apology.

Investigative Engagement and Cooperation

Editors and publishers must be responsive and act quickly when manuscript complaints occur. Steps taken include contacting the author and considering complaints and claims submitted. Able to communicate further with related bodies. Any reported unethical publishing act must be investigated even if the act is discovered years after publication.


Peer Review Duties and Responsibilities

Reviewers help editors make editorial decisions through communication so that authors can also help improve papers.

The reviewer selected to review the manuscript uses time according to the given time frame. If they cannot review the manuscript, they are immediately reported to the editor so that another reviewer can replace them.

Submit the review results to the editor to determine the paper's suitability for publication. Do not conduct scientific studies on papers involving it, directly or indirectly. Provide suggestions, input, and positive recommendations regarding scientific manuscripts. Maintaining the author's privacy by not sharing the results of corrections, suggestions, and recommendations for a manuscript/ Encouraging authors to improve the manuscript. Reviewing papers that have been corrected according to established standards,


Author Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting standards, the author presents the original report. The underlying data must be presented accurately in the paper. The paper contains sufficient references to allow others to use the work.

The author is willing to provide raw data relating to the manuscript for editorial review purposes and is ready to provide public access and store the data for an extended period.

Authors must write manuscripts ethically, honestly, and responsibly according to applicable scientific writing regulations. The author does not double-submit to another journal while the process at the Jurnal Persegi Bulat (jot) is ongoing.

The author does not mind if the manuscript undergoes editing during the review and layout process without changing the substance or central idea of the writing. When an author discovers significant inaccuracies in his published work, the author immediately contacts the editor to retract or correct the paper.