The Journal of Economics and Strategy (JES) review policy for incoming manuscripts is processed as follows:

  1. The author registers in the register menu and submits the manuscript.
  2. The editor checks the similarity of the manuscript to ensure there is no possibility of plagiarism
  3. The checking results determine whether the manuscript is ACCEPTED or REJECTED
  4. If the manuscript is accepted, the editor submits the manuscript to the reviewers to be assessed using a double-masked review.
  5. Reviewers submit the review results to the Editor to be forwarded to the author.
  6. The author corrects the manuscript according to the reviewer's notes and suggestions. Then, send the revised manuscript back to the editor.
  7. The manuscript sent by the author contains points for improvement and has been revised. Revisions may undergo further peer review, and papers may undergo more than one round of revisions. If authors do not revise their papers to conform to the reviewers' and editors' judgments, they may still be rejected from publication in the JES journal.
  8. The editor is ready to publish the manuscript according to the publication period


The length of the review process ranges from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. The author is expected to actively monitor OJS as a communication medium so that the process can run smoothly.