Publication Ethics


Manuscript submitted into Agrinula : Jurnal Agroteknologi dan Perkebunan refers to the publication ethics by journal managers, editors, reviewers, and authors.

 Journal Management Ethics

  1. The journal manager must guarantee the confidentiality of the manuscript and the author's data before the manuscript is published.
  2. Managers must provide the information needed by editors, reviewers, and authors.
  3. Managers must publish each journal issue (volume and issue) regularly and according to the publication schedule.

 Editor Ethics

  1. The editor must be objective in deciding whether or not a manuscript is accepted. Manuscripts are judged based on their quality (according to the field of science in the journal, and must be originality), not seen from the personal background of the author.
  2. The editor must guarantee the confidentiality of the author's data before the manuscript is published.
  3. The editor must screen the level of plagiarism with software that has been determined by the journal manager.
  4. Determination of a reviewer by the editor to review a manuscript must be carried out in accordance with the expertise.
  5. The editor must remind and provide an appropriate grace period for reviewers to complete the study.

 Reviewer Ethics

  1. The reviewer must provide an objective study and input free from the influence of any party.
  2. The study must be completed on time in accordance with the deadline given by the editor.
  3. The reviewer must be able to guarantee the confidentiality of the author's data before the manuscript is published.

 Author Ethics

  1. The author must ensure that his work is original by filling and sending the Manuscript Submission Form & Declaration of Originality when submitting to OJS. Ideas and texts are the results of the work, not a copy of the work of others.
  2. The first author or correspondent author in the manuscript must have a scientific background in accordance with the scope of Agrinula : Jurnal Agroteknologi dan Perkebunan.
  3. The author must guarantee that the manuscript to be published has never been published elsewhere, both the author himself and other authors.
  4. All authors were listed in the manuscript are people involved in writing the manuscript (the inventor of ideas, the right method, data analysis, compilation of the manuscript, and others). All authors know and agree to submit the manuscript to Agrinula : Jurnal Agroteknologi dan Perkebunan so that there is no conflict of interest between the authors.
  5. Data shown in the manuscript must be truthful, and not influenced by any party.
  6. The author can finish repairs to the manuscript on time from the editor.