Aims and Scope


Agrinula : Jurnal Agroteknologi dan Perkebunan publishes results of basic and applied research from all areas of

Horticulture (fruit growing, vegetable growing, floriculture, medicinal plants)
Agronomy (crop physiology & anatomy, agroecology, agricultural meteorology, crop management practices, crop production, agroecosystems, crop biochemistry, plant growth regulators)
Weed Science (weed biology, weed ecology, allelopathy, weed genetic, herbicide resistance, integrated weed management, weed technology, invasive plant species, biodiversity, weed-crop competition)
Soil Science (soil biology & biochemistry, soil & tillage research, soil protection & remediation, soil survey & mapping land, soil & water conservation, pedology, soil fertility, soil mineralogy, wetland soil, geographical information systems, soil physic)
Plant Protection (entomology, nematology, bacteriology, plant pathology, biological control, integrated pest management, epidemiology, assessment of pest & disease damage)
Plant Breeding (cytology, plant biotechnology, plant genomics, plant genetics, molecular plant breeding, genetic resources)
Seed Technology (seed physiology, seed development, maturation, seed production, germination, dormancy & deterioration)
Plantation Science (cover crop management, plantation crops include: oil palm, coffee, rubber, cocoa, coconut, black pepper, tea, etc.)